Michael Lipkin
2 min readAug 17, 2020

Letter to a plutocrat considering supporting Trump

Dear Plutocrat,

The year is 2025, Donald Trump is president.

He won by the rules, as they are now.

Adaptable, you are. You are to attend a glittering reception where the man-child-god will be in attendance. There may be business opportunities!

Central to the reception is a huge and hideous cake! Encrusted with real diamonds and gemstones, people are excited when they get a slice, how much is it worth?

You find an opportunity to sidle up to the man-child-god, seeking to make smalltalk you comment on the cake’s design. “What an extraordinary cake!”

The man-child-god looks at you, his eyes narrow, “Ivanka designed that”, he says. He has misinterpreted maybe, hasn’t taken it well.

You heart races, a faux pas on your first outing to the royal court! You babble some platitudes but already he has turned away.

Later, your name starts to circulate on QAnon forums. It appears that you are 200 years old and have lived this long by daily drinking the blood of babies tortured to death.

A lynch mob gathers, the police seem reluctant to intervene.

Only the man-child-god, with a single tweet, can save you. You message him:

‘how much?’

Later, you and your family, posessing only the clothes you stand in, are searching for shelter. A thin rain dampens everything. You head for the freeway overpass, to the dry patch underneath.

The dry patch is full, full of the little people. People who did not have offshore bank accounts, who paid their taxes, who took out teaser mortgages, who took out payday loans, who invested in pyramid schemes, who did not inherit money, who have an uninsured health condition, who ‘stole’ empty aluminium cans, who were caught with 1μg of drugs, who ‘jaywalked’, who were prescribed opiates for pain, who clicked the wrong button.

They do not know you, but they do not let you in. The world has changed and kindness is dead.

Someone gets out a smartphone, are they logging on to QAnon? Did they get Trump’s recall? The one you have paid so heavily for?

Exhausted, you and your family bed down on a narrow stretch of pavement on the leeward side of a tall building. A truck passes, spraying you with sewage.

Welcome to the world you have created!